Thank you, thank you!


I received a thank you card in the post yesterday. It really made my day. The envelope was handwritten with actual stamps on it – the joy! You get so few of these nowadays! Inside was quite a long message, written in ink and with lots of personal phrases that made it extra special. I was so delighted I wanted to write a thank you note for my thank you note. But I thought ‘where will it all end?’ so I stopped myself.

I also found a new rhythm to my gig way of living. I woke up early due to the unusual heat we are experiencing, and wrote my first little article by 7.30am. Then I took the hubster to the station three miles away (we have decided to save the £5.20 per day parking charge as I now have time to drop him and pick him up) and did my chores in town first thing. That left the majority of the day to write a few bits. I also made a delicious salad for lunch and dinner, minus any meat to save some pennies. I chopped carefully and truly made the dish with love – and it tasted all the better for it.

I’ve listed a pair of shoes on eBay that I have only worn twice because they are too narrow in the toes. There is no point in leaving them in the wardrobe any longer. Oh the things you can do when you have time to think.