Note to all companies – stop being so feedback needy!

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I’m all for shopping online, but the constant request for feedback is making me growl at my screen. All the companies are becoming so needy and it’s awfully tiresome!

How did we do? Would you recommend us? Give us a score out of 10. How likely are you to use us again? Did we meet your expectations today?

The questions arrive by email and text message, sometimes just moments after you have placed the order.

For goodness sake. I ordered cornflakes, they arrived, they tasted just as a cornflake should. End of. I don’t have the time in my busy day to give you a rating. Stop asking. Believe me, you will hear if I’m not happy.

I understand that they want to know how they are doing. But I’ve worked in these places and it’s all about their targets, it’s so they can prove they’ve achieved their objectives. It enables them to quote ‘98% of our customers said they’d recommend us to a friend’. Then, the head of customer experience moves on to bigger and better things. They don’t really give much of a damn about me as an individual.

Next time maybe I should email in – ‘How did I do today? Did I shop well? Did I buy what you wanted me to buy? Did I spend the desired amount of time on the page? Did I add to your conversion rates?

More is not more. Send the occasional feedback request and I might want to fill it in. Ask me endlessly, and I just get cross.