Day one complete. Gig goal met.

The first day of my official gig living was OK on reflection. It was a Saturday, so my initial thought was ‘yay – it’s the weekend’ but then the reality dawned. Avoiding the nine-to-five doesn’t mean you get weekends off – it means you are open to work whatever the day, date or time. Gulp. Humph.

Having resolved myself to this new way of life, I checked which is my go-to place of online work. I’ve used it for the last four years to earn a little extra for holidays, Christmas and birthdays. Textbroker is a content mill, loathed by some but embraced by many. Here, members can pick up bits of writing work (the kind of thing that is needed by websites but is pretty easy to pen) and get paid a few Euros. For gig workers it is a good source of work –  it’s open 24-hours, there is usually something to work on, and you get paid for your work within a few days. I found a 600-worder ‘please write a blog piece about getting ready to sell your home’. No sweat. Every time you open a property blog, something similar can be found and I’ve read many of them before. Of course, each article written for Textbroker has to be unique, so I write from memory adding some of my own tips, and 600 words is written in half an hour. I always walk away, and do something else like put some washing in the machine, then proofread it before loading it onto the online plagiarism checker. Done. Roughly six quid in UK money will hit my account soon (should the client accept it – and they usually do).

So I picked up another and then called it a day. I might not work Monday to Friday, but a lot of other people do so there are more folks around and there’s fun stuff to do.

I am calling this a success because I did do some work, and I’ve earned a few quid. To work out how well I am doing, I guess a running total should be kept.

Day one = Money earned £12