Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sunday didn’t go so well from an earning point of view. I got up early enough, but then flopped my way around the flat for a while, watched Andrew Marr’s Show, took a long shower and tidied up a bit.

I forced myself to focus around 11.30am so picked up an article on Textbroker that asked for a description of the Kiddy company. Euros 8.50 earned.

Before lunch I went outside and washed the car. My train of thought reasoned that, it’s one thing to earn money in the gig economy, but I could also save a bit here and there too. So, instead of paying seven quid for a nice young chappy to hand wash my car at one of those places they have in supermarket car parks, I’d do it myself for free. It took a bit more effort than I thought it would, but my car came up shiny enough. And I got away from a screen for 45 minutes.

I had been invited to a bring-and-share lunch with all the flat owners where I live, so I took along my couscous salad and chicken kebabs around 1 o’clock. And spend the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden with the lovely residents. Much better than working any day.

Day two: earned £7.50 running total= £19.50

Amount not spent £7.00


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