I’ve joined the gig economy. What now?

And so it begins …

Life has changed so much in recent months – all self inflicted it has to be said. First of all, I moved from Hertfordshire to Kent with the hubster to start a new adventure. Why? Well, we’re not good at letting the grass grow under our feet. I have a very low boredom threshold and that includes my homes. The children have all fledged successfully, and we needed new territory to explore. So off to Kent we went.

We chose to set up home in a converted, listed mansion house. We lugged our belongings up to the third floor flat we have rented for 12 months, and promptly heaved much of it back down again because (funnily enough) the contents of a three-bed semi won’t fit into a two-bed flat. So for the time being at least, we are enjoying life in a grand old house that includes  splendid gardens, an outdoor pool and an under-used tennis court. And a garage full of our stuff that we don’t have room for.

Of course, the bills still need to be paid. What a bore. So I need to find employment of some kind or another. And I’ve decided to try my hand at ‘doing bits’. (This is a phrase stolen from a young friend Ross – but used in a totally different context, just to be clear.) So – I’m investigating the gig economy. Having successfully written a few articles for HubPages which pays me a few dollars a day, I am going to see if I can add to this so I can swerve the nine-to-five.


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